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Step by Step Guide on How to Do Two Amazing Cut Crease Looks

Posted by Jenny Yu on

The greatest thing about cut creases is that it makes your eyes look bigger and sexier, especially with small, hooded, or deep set eyes. Even if you don’t have small eyes, you can play them up as well and give it a grander look.

This eye makeup can be absolutely stunning as long as you do it correctly. If you haven’t tried it yet, prepared to be patient and it will take a few times to get it right.

For the fall season, I would suggest neutral colors because they match the warm colors of the season. You can also choose dark browns and maroon shades as well.

Get the 1st Look

Cut Crease Look 1

Apply primer and highlight Step 1
Start out your look by applying primer on your lid to ensure that your makeup stays put. Then apply your base shadow to your lid and use a white highlight on the inner corners of your eye and on the brow bone.
Draw a v-shape to help shape the cut crease Step 2
Draw a V-shape from the crease in the middle to the outer corner of your eye, making the line thicker on the outer corner and thinner on the inner corner.

Step 3
Blend out your eyeliner toward the outer corner of your eye using an eye shader brush. While doing this, try to keep the bottom of your cut crease a clean, sharp line.
Draw the top line and blend eye shadow Step 4
Use the top line of your cut crease as a guide to apply any eye shadow you like and blend in toward the inner corner of your eye.
Add a wing for a more dramatic cut crease Step 5 (OPTIONAL STEP)
For added drama, wing out your eyeliner.
Add a pop of color to your lower lash line Step 6
For finishing touches, use the same eyeshadow along your lower lash line for a pop of color.
Add Crave Lashes to your cut crease Step 7
Finish off your cut crease with our lashes, and you’re good to go!


Get the 2nd Look

Cut Crease Look 2

Prime your eyelids Step 1
Start off your makeup by priming your eyelids, and then set it off with a white eyeshadow or translucent powder.
Apply scotch tape Step 2
Next, apply a scotch tape where you want the cut to be. Make sure you put it right above where your eyeliner will be later so the cut and the winged liner will be parallel
Apply eyeshadow on the crease Step 3
Then start applying eyeshadow on the crease. parallel to each other.

Make sure to blend everything out after every step. For more intensity, keep adding the same eyeshadow.
Use a darker eyeshadow and blend to create depth Step 4
For more depth, take a darker eyeshadow and blend it. Then add an even darker eyeshadow to really cut the crease by focusing on your crease line.
Remove the tape

Step 5
After everything is well blended, remove the tape and clean up the edges

Step 6
Use a wet q-tip to clean up the bottom of your cut crease before going with concealer. Apply concealer to really make the cut crease look as sharp as possible.

Apply a metallic eye shadow

Step 7
Next, apply a metallic eyeshadow on your lid using your finger because it's more pigmented that way.

Add a winged liner

Step 8
Do a winged Liner

Use Crave Lashes to add glamour to your cut crease look Step 9
Add false lashes to make your eyes pop and to add instant glamour to any eye look.  For the most dramatic look, check out our Lengthening + Volumizing false eyelashes.
Add eyeshadow to your lower lash line Step 10
Next, add the same eyeshadow you used on the crease to your lower lash line.And voila! You makeup is finished.


Products Used:
Products used to create the cut crease look

PRIMER: bareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer
HIGHLIGHTER: MAC Eye Shadow in Gesso
EYELINER: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, NYX Cosmetics Matte Liquid Liner
EYE SHADER BRUSH: Sephora Pro Shader Brush #18
BASE EYESHADOW: MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Bare Study
EYESHADOW: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
LASHES: Crave Lashes

Model and Makeup by Instagram @Valelorenbeauty

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