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About Jen

I am a daughter of a U.S. Navy retiree that was born in Norfolk, Virginia but was raised in the Philippines starting at the age of 5.  I grew up in a small town called Luna located in the province of La Union, which is about 185 miles north of Manila. 

This is me as a baby!Growing up in a small town in the Philippines meant I was never really exposed to makeup and style.  I spent a lot of time with my parents, relatives and friends playing outside barefoot in the blistering heat.  Makeup and fashion were never a part of my sweaty tomboy childhood.

This is me now!Fast forward to 1999, I finished my Doctor of Dental Medicine in the Philippines at Centro Escolar University (CEU).  I pursued dentistry primarily to please my grandfather who wanted a doctor in the family, but knew deep down this wasn't my dream job.  7 years later I started dabbling with makeup and gradually building up a more diverse wardrobe.  It was at this time I found that I loved makeup and fashion.

In 2013, I attended a leadership seminar that empowered me to chase my dream of having a career in fashion and beauty.  Crave Lashes is the result and I hope to inspire others to chase their dreams. 

About the Lashes

I traveled the world to find the very best cruelty-free false eyelashes.  Each false eyelash goes through 10 to 12 steps to complete and are handmade and crafted by individuals with generational expertise.  The lashes are made with real human hair or premium synthetic fibers.

Lashes are one of those must-have makeup accessories that will accentuate your eyes and take your look to the next level.  If you aren't wearing lashes because you feel they are not you, I encourage you to try my natural lashes first and as you get more comfortable with applying and wearing them, I am confident you will progress to the lengthening and volumizing lashes for those special occasions.  If you are having difficulty applying the lashes, it's because many of the store brand lashes have bands that are thick and difficult to bend to your eyes shape.  Try my natural lashes first, which have thin and flexible bands.  Don't forget to get our glue also which dries more quickly than the other adhesives.

Why Buy from Me

  1. I care about your experience with my products.  I have a toll-free number you can call to reach me and promise to promptly respond to any emails you send via our contact us page.
  2. I am so confident you will love my lashes that I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.  My guarantee includes Free Return Shipping to mail the product back to me.
  3. My high quality lashes are made with sterilized human hair or premium cruelty-free synthetic fibers.  I traveled around the globe to find the very best manufacturers.  My manufacturers make lashes for the other big named brands.
  4. I have styles that compliment all sizes and shapes of eyes: natural single layer lashes to triple layered lashes in our Lengthening + Volumizing collection.
  5. Safe and Secure ordering

30 Day Money Back Guarantee             Free Return Shipping



Follow me on Instagram - @jennycaligirl

Follow me on Instagram: @jennycaligirl
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