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3 must know factors to pick the best fake lashes for your Asian or monolid eyes

Posted by Jenny Yu on

Updated: 3/15/2018

Can’t find your crease? Sick of feeling like applying eye makeup is a waste of your time? With the right false lashes and a few quick makeup tricks, you can start showing off your lids in the style they deserve.

Do you have single-lids?

Jamie ChungA single-lid, or monolid eye shape is common but not exclusive to Asians, and is typically characterized by the lack of a defined crease above your upper lash line.

This can make applying eye makeup a fine balancing act, since so much of the lid is hidden when your eyes are open (which makes it tempting to apply a really thick cat-eye or extra shadow), but you don’t want to overdo it for when you have to, say, blink.

What’s more, among people with single-lids, it can be common to have straight or droopy natural eyelashes. That’s where we come in.

The right lashes for Asian eyes

When it comes to picking the most flattering false lashes for single-lid eye shapes, I recommend focusing on these three factors:

  • Length. To elongate and emphasize your eye shape, go for a pair of lashes that are longer on the outer edges.
  • Curl. To open up and frame the eyes, make sure the lashes have plenty of curl and volume.
  • Shape. For that additional pop, select a pair where the individual lashes are fanned and spaced out.

Here are the lashes I recommend for monolid eyes:

Lemon Bar
Creme Brulee
Lengthening + Volumizing


Want to see every one of our false eyelash styles on an Asian model?

Pictures of false lashes on Asian eyesIf you are having difficulty deciding which lash style you want, check out our single page gallery of pictures showing every one of our lash styles on our Asian model

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Makeup Tips for Definition, Depth and Drama

Here are some quick, easy tips on how to apply lashes for monolid eyes:

1. Tightline your upper lash line

This technique will define your eye shape and make your lashes look fuller. We recommend using a waterproof pencil and, working from the outside in, line the waterline beneath your upper lashes in short, inward-moving strokes.

To heighten definition, use the pencil to darken the lash line as well, moving the pencil up into the lashes in a second pass. Pro-tip: If you’re new to tightlining, it can be helpful to pull the lid up with your finger while looking downward as you apply the liner.

2. Use liquid liner on the outer third of your upper lash line

Give the illusion of a double-lid. For additional definition, drag the line beyond the corner of your eye to create a small wing.

Remember, no matter how natural or dramatic your wing, try to follow the invisible line between the outside corner of your eye and the outside tip of your eyebrow. Envisioning this line while you free-hand (or marking it with tape, if you’re going all out), can help with symmetry.

3. Do a cut crease to make your eyes look bigger and sexier

A cut crease can definitely make your eyes look bigger and sexier.  Learning to do a cut crease takes time and patience.  Using scotch tape can help make the cut crease nice and tight.  Read our How to Cut Crease post for more details and become a pro at it.

4. For even more dimension, go for a smoky eye

To get this look, define the outside of your eye socket with a darker shadow from your desired palette. This will create the appearance of a crease.

Next, use a lighter, shimmery shadow on the center of your lid to highlight the eye and accentuate depth. Finish by lightly blending the colors with a brush or fingertip to eliminate any harsh lines.

5. Line your lower waterline with a soft peach or pale pink pencil

This technique will brighten your whole eye without sacrificing definition. It will also make your eye look larger.

6. Brighten the inner corner of your eye with a soft champagne shadow

Finish off your look with a dash of “healthy glow.” You’ll look glamorous and well-rested. Plus, that bit of shimmer will make the rest of your smoky cat-eye really pop.

The key to any great beauty product is to try it and make it work for you. 

 Disclaimer: The images and information on this pages is for information purposes only.  In no way do any people in the photos endorse Crave Lashes either expressly or implied.


  • Photo of Jamie Chung at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Knife Fight on April 25, 2012 by David Shankbone.  

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