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How to put on False Eyelashes in 3 Super Simple Steps

Posted by Jenny Yu on

Ever craved the luscious look of false lashes but been too intimidated to apply them yourself? Hesitate no longer! Deceptively simple and worth every second of the few extra minutes they take to put on, false eyelashes will give you the boost of glamour you’ve been looking for.

If your false eyelashes need to be trimmed to fit your eyes, make sure to check out our post on trimming your false eyelashes.

What you’ll need:

  • Crave Lashes Premium Falsies 
  • eyelash glue
  • a pair of tweezers
 Things you need to put lashes on - lashes, glue and tweezers

Step 1: Apply the glue

Applying the right amount of glueFirst, you’ll need to select your glue. A high-quality glue will make the whole process easier, from application through removal. Next, consider the look you’ll be going for. Use a white glue for a more natural look, or a dark glue for a more dramatic look when accompanied by liner.

Now, apply just enough glue to the false eyelash band to cover it, but not to overflow. Let the glue set for a few seconds before applying to your lash line, allowing the consistency to become tacky. If the glue is too wet, the lash will slide around and be difficult to set.

Depending on your desired look, it can sometimes be a good idea to curl your natural lashes before applying falsies so they blend well together.

Step 2: Apply the lashes

Position the false lashes over existing lashes and be sure to angle the band so that it blends and follows the contour of your lash line. Making sure your false lashes are angled naturally is the most important part of application.

Now, use your fingers or a pair of tweezers to press the lashes in place. Investing in special eyelash tweezers can make this process easier by lessening the chance that you’ll poke yourself in the eye.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Before and After applying False EyelashesTo put a flawless finish on your look, apply a waterproof liner to conceal the false eyelash band. Then, as you apply mascara to your natural lashes, use the wand to blend and conceal them with your false lashes.

What did we tell you? Worth it!

Whether you’re looking to put some extra pep in your step during your typical day, or hoping to glam it up for a special occasion, Crave Lashes are an easy way to give your look that extra edge.

When it comes to false eyelashes, stop eyeing them and start trying them!

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