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Makeup Tricks to Make Your Eyes Pop

Posted by Jenny Yu on

To score attention-grabbing eyes, here are a few makeup tricks to make your eyes pop!

Liners that boosts your eye color.

eyeliner selection

Whether they contrast your eye color or give them extra impact, liners will help your eyes reach their full potential.



  • Brown Eyes: Create a winged liner with a navy blue flick to enhance your warm, brown eyes. You can also swipe along your lash line with a vibrant purple liner.
  • Blue Eyes: Contrast your blue eyes with an emerald green shade. You can also lighten up your eyes with a champagne shade.
  • Green Eyes: To enhance your earthy green hues, try switching to a violet shade. Copper liners also complement green eyes.
  • Hazel Eyes: A neutral brown liner will give your hazel eyes extra impact. You can also use a gold liner for a radiant look.

Brighten up your eyes.

brighten your inner eye cornersIf you don’t want much color for your eyes, you can also use a light shade. Lining your lower lash line or the inner corners of your eyes with a light shade can give your eyes an instant pop!

Eyeshadow Techniques.

  • The trick to make your eyes look bold and bigger is to create depth with your shadow. Simply apply a light-colored shadow all over the lid and then apply a darker shadow onto the crease creating an element of dimension.

  • For a really pigmented look, simply press the eyeshadow into your eyelids with your finger.

foiled shadow 

  • Apply a dark shadow to the crease for a dramatic eye. Then add a small triangle of color at the outside corner of your eye

smokey eye technique 

  • Cut Crease: mixing an eyeliner crease cut with heavily pigmented color or glitter will give a dramatic look that will make your eyes pop!

  • Smokey eye
    • Soft Smokey Eyes: achieve this look when you want to go natural or just for your everyday makeup.

    • Dark Smokey Eyes: this look is best if you need a glamorous look to your makeup.

dark smokey eye

    • Colorful smokey eyes.We all know how smokey eyes make your eyes pop. But to really emphasize it, choose contrasting eyeshadow colors to your eye color (this will help enhance your eye color as well).

colorful smokey eye

      • Brown Eyes: Eyeshadows that are best for brown eyes are greenish-gold, deep blue, and shimmery copper shades.
      • Blue Eyes: Eyeshadows that are best for blue eyes are purple and brown shades.
      • Green Eyes: Eyeshadows that are best for green eyes are taupe, purple, and gray shades.
      • Hazel Eyes: Eyeshadows that are best for hazel eyes are gold, deep purple, and brown shades.

Go all out on your lashes.

When applying your mascara, don’t go for just 2 coats. Apply 3 or 4 coats of mascara for an extra dramatic look. Apply a dark liner to the root of your lashes to make them appear fuller.
Not a mascara person? You can always my false lashes.

Highlighting your brow bone. 

highlighting the brow boneThis can beautifully frame your eyes and can draw the eye up and make it look bigger. It can also brighten up the whole eye area if you dab dots of highlighter along the brow bone and around your eye then blending it with your eye makeup. 

Don’t forget the brows. 

brow shapeYour eyebrows are very important to frame your face. If you shape them carefully and fill them in neatly, they can bring your eyes forward. Make tiny hair-like marks with your brow pencil when filling in your brows to create a realistic look. Use clear mascara to groom your brows and keep them in place.

Additional Tricks:

When doing your makeup, give your eyes an intense look and make sure any other makeup is minimal. This will keep people’s focus on your eyes.
Light pink to nude lips are a great way to keep their attention to your eyes whether you have intense eye makeup or not.


Products to Make Your Eyes Pop

  • Crave Lashes in the style Red Velvet .
  • Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Foundation
  • Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist Pro Palette
  • Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer
  • Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist Pro Glow To Go
  • Tarte Cosmetics Maneater Mascara
  • Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Base in Provoke
  • Juvias Place Mini Masquerade Palette
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in the shade Kristen
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer
  • Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon in Blacquer
  • NXY Eyeliner in Charcoal
  • Wet N Wild Beauty Blush in Mellow Wine


  • Makeup and Images by Kristen Fortier  (IG: @kristenfortier)


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