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10 Best Makeup Halloween Costumes

Posted by Jenny Yu on

When we were kids, we used to wear masks or quirky hats to draw attention on Halloween. Nowadays, if you have a wide imagination, your creativity can come in handy. Halloween is the time to unleash your creativity and dress up as whatever you want to be. If you already found the perfect costume, you'll need a little something to spice things up. Makeup is a great alternative for masks because we all know how irritating masks can be. With masks, it is hard to talk while wearing them, plus they are really uncomfortable. Makeup is the best way to dazzle or frighten your friends at your Halloween party; whether if your makeup is the costume itself, it adds to the theme of your costume or takes your look to a whole new level.  Check out these Halloween makeup ideas to inspire yourself and take your look to the next level!

Witch Makeup Look

Not all witches are scary-looking. It's your choice whether you want a classic witch or a modern one.

Classic Witch
Source: http://blog.houseoffraser.co.uk/beauty/makeup-looks-youve-got-to-try-this-halloween

 Modern Witch
Source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/tMd9LqI0yRs/maxresdefault.jpg

If you're doing the classic witch, make sure you contour to get that witchy vibe. Green face paint is available in many grocery stores and online! Cover your face with a green face paint using a sponge or a brush. Then use a dark green face paint to contour your face under your cheekbones. Next, lightly blush your cheeks using a normal blush in peach or pink. Apply black eyeshadow on the top of your eye lids, bring it up above your crease line and point it out at the sides. Then go over your eyebrows with a liquid eyeliner or black face paint and create a strong angled brow. Line your eyes with black eyeliner; apply mascara and Crave Lashes’ Red Velvet and Tiramisu lashes to finish off the eyes. You can choose to use red or black lipstick for this look.

To create a modern witch-y look, start by applying green eye shadow multiple times to make sure that it stands out. Next, you can tape the corner of your eyes to make a really effortless cat eye, and apply black eyeshadow on them using a blending brush. Add more eyeshadow to your outer v and a little bit into your crease. The more black you add, the more dramatic the look will be! Then add some white underneath your brow and inner tear duct area to add some lightness to the look. To add a little witch-y shimmer, pat some glitter on your eyelids. Create a winged-out look with any eyeliner you're comfortable with and don't be afraid to pull that wing out and make it extra-long. Apply mascara or put on your best lashes to create a cool effect. Don't forget to put your darkest lipstick on and top your look off with a hat and a cape.

Skeleton Makeup Look

Half Skeleton Makeup LookGo halfsies on your skeleton makeup! You don't have to worry about keeping it even because with this makeup, you can still be your normal self and wear your favorite makeup on the other half. Apply a light foundation onto half of your face and leave the main eye area for later. Use black eyeliner to draw the details of your skull. For the mouth part, use the eyeliner to line in between your lips and then create a line up towards your cheeks. Next, draw a line in the center of your lips and then draw more lines with equal spaces all the way up to create the teeth. Next thing you'll do is curve out these lines to create the shapes of your teeth. Use a really thin brush to put eye shadow in between your teeth to create a 3D look. Draw in the details of your cheekbone and your eye socket, then fill it with a black eyebrow pencil and do the same with the eye shadow for a 3D look. Add in our Buttercream and Creme Puff lash to make your look extra pretty.

Sugar Skull Makeup Look

Sugar Skull makeup lookSugar skull is the perfect blend of spooky and sweet. It's basically a skull with decorations on them, so this look really shows your creativity. Begin by applying a light foundation or white face paint as the base color. Lightly dab powder on top of the foundation or paint to minimize any shine. Next, use an eye liner to create two large circles around your eyes and then fill them out with any color of cream shadow you want. Apply our Creme Brulee, Buttercream and Chocolate Souffle lashes to finish off your eyes. After that, start drawing small flower petals around your circle using a black liner then color inside. Create a triangular shape on your nose. Apply whatever color you want on your lips and then use a black liner to draw the teeth. Use eyeshadow to create a 3D look on the cheek. These are the basic steps on doing a sugar skull look, next it's time to decorate! Let your artistic side come out and add some fun designs like flowers, webs, tear drops, vines, etc. on your forehead and your chin. When you're doing your sugar skull, remember that it needs to be colorful and beautiful. Also, don't forget to wear a flower clip or a flower crown because it is a really big part of the outfit.

Source for the sugar skull image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuokSHlDCZE

Harley Quinn Makeup Look

Harley Quinn Makeup LokoAdmit it or not, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad made a big impact on every girl, making her one of the most popular character to dress up as on Halloween. You may opt for her video game look or her movie look. Make sure to use a lot of white face paint because Harley Quinn's character has a clown-ish vibe.

For the video game look, apply dark brown eyeshadow around your eyes to give your Harley Quinn a smoky eye. Then to give that really deep black look, use an eye liner on the eyelid and then smooth things out with black eye shadow. Pale up your look with white face paint and then mix it up with a skin-toned foundation. Use an eyebrow pencil to make your brows pop! Apply mascara on your lashes and then put on a pair of falsies from Crave Lashes like the Red Velvet and Tiramisu lash! Clean up your mouth if you have excess paint on your lips and then apply the reddest lipstick you have! You hair should be in pigtails and don’t forget to wear your black choker.

For the movie look, paint your face and neck white. After that, apply pink shadow on your right eye and then blend it. Make sure to put a lot of shadow to really make it pop. Use your fingers to drag the eye shadow from the outer corner of your eyes and down your cheek. Do exactly the same on the left eye with blue eye shadow. Make a winged liner and then line underneath your eyes as well. Don't forget to put your lashes! Next is to fix your brow with an eyebrow pencil. After that, contour your cheekbones to avoid having your face look flat. Line your lips with red lip liner and then put red lip gloss or lipstick on top. Use a black liner to recreate her tattoos. Her face tattoos are on the right side of her face; a small heart just below the corner of her eye and then another one on her jaw that says "ROTTEN". Apply some black eye shadow below your eyes and brush it down with your fingers and then you're good to go! Don’t forget your hair and choker!

Source for Harley Quinn image: https://www.instagram.com/giannaisharleyquinn/

Vampire Makeup Look

The modern vampire look has become so easy. You just need your makeup to look fierce. Since you already have your makeup with you, all you need are fangs.

Modern Vampire Makeup LookTo start this look off, take a light orange or red shadow with a large fluffy brush and apply that into your crease. Create a gradient with a dark brown shadow into the crease and direct this more into the actual socket of your eye. Take a black eye shadow and apply that directly into the crease, making sure not to bring this black shadow up too high. So just create a round shape with that eye shadow and this will create a gradient from black to brown to that light orange shade. To ensure that the lid stays dark and black the whole night, you want to make sure to apply gel liner or a pencil eye liner to get a nice black base. Apply black eye shadow on top of it so it comes out super dark and it won't get patchy throughout the night. Of course, take a blending brush and continue to blend out the edges. Next, pick up a gel liner and create a dramatic wing and extend it all the way out. Build that liner up with a liquid eye liner and then apply it on top of your gel liner. To really sharpen up your wing, take a concealer and just carve out the bottom of the liner to make it nice and clean. Then take a pencil liner and just really smoke out your lower lash line and then blend it out because you don't want a super harsh line. Make the inner corner of your eye pointy for a really villainous look. Lastly, you want to pop on our Red Velvet or Salted Caramel lashes.

Moving on to the face, if you ever purchased a drug store foundation that was a little too light for your skin, this is the time to use it because you'll want your vampire to look really pale. Next is to hollow out your face to make it look more vampy by contouring your cheekbones. Last is to put on your darkest lipstick on; it can be either black or maroon for a more vampy look. If you want to take it up one more step, you can always add fake blood on the edge of your mouth.

Vampire image source: http://21sensesmag.com/halloween-vampire-makeup-inspiration

Doll Face Makeup Look

Doll Face Makeup LookOne of the easiest! It's just like putting normal makeup on but with a few other details. Simply put on any dress and you're good to go! For the mouth, map out two lines on both corners of your mouth to your chin using an eye liner. Take a brown eye shadow and start to buff out the lines towards the middle, leaving the center of your chin area very clear and white. Take a lighter shadow and put that in the middle as a highlight. Once you have your chin looking how you want it, take that eye liner again and trace the line very thinly. If you have a light colored liner, trace the line from inside.

The Doll Face look needs to make your eyes pop so put on our Red Velvet, Chocolate Souffle or Creme Brulee lashes for your upper lash, then Strawberry Smoothie or Peach Smoothie lashes for the bottom.

Clown Makeup Look

Clown Makeup Look

Decorate your clown makeup with black and red, or make it a little more colorful. It's up to you if you want to scare your friends or wow them with your creativity. Face paint palettes are perfect for this look as clowns usually use them in parties. Pair it up with our Salted Caramel or Creme Puff for the upper lash, and Peach Smoothie or Strawberry Smoothie for the bottom.

Fairy Makeup Look

Fairy Makeup Look

If you want to show off your makeup skills and be as pretty as ever, go with this makeup. Fairies are known to be beautiful, so why not show 'em? Make sure to add wings when applying eye liner. Fairy makeups usually have very light eye shadows, if you have any silver or glittery ones that would be perfect too! Apply light colors to your lips as well (make sure it matches with your eyes). Put on our falsies like Salted Caramel, Red Velvet or Creme Puff for the upper lash, then use Strawberry Smoothie for the bottom. Get creative with flowers, sparkles and jewels!

Mermaid Makeup Look

Mermaid Makeup LookThis look is pretty much like the fairy one. To create the scales, simply wear fishnet stockings on your head and dab 2 or 3 of your favorite colors of eyeshadow on your hairline, cheekbones, and chin. Make sure to pat them on and not scraping through because you'll want the design of the fishnet to really come out on your face. If you have glittery eye shadows, mix them up with your favorite color for a shinier look. For the eyes, add the same color of eye shadows around your eyes and connect them to the fishnet design on the corner of your eyes. To top off your eye makeup, put on Creme Brulee or Creme Puff lashes. Lastly, put lipstick or lip cream with the same color of your eye shadow and you're good to go. Decorate your hair with starfish clips or shell crowns.

Black Cat Makeup Look

This is particularly great for a last-minute Halloween makeup. If you want to keep your costume simple as possible, go for this look!

Black Cat makeup look
What you'll need for the eye makeup are black pencils, liquid liner and a smoky eye shadow palette. First off, apply gray eye shadow on your crease (you can also use brown ones) and then create a winged look all the way to your outer v. Blend in your black eye shadow only on your lids; try not to go too much further because you don't want to look like you have a black eye. Then take an eye pencil to fill in your water lines and your lower lash line. Apply liquid liner to create the cat eye by pointing the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Add in our any of our lengthening and volumizing false eyelashes for the upper lash and our bottom lashes to create an extra pop.

Next is to use your black pencil to create a reverse triangular shape on the tip of your nose. If you have a black lip liner, lip cream, or lipstick, apply them on your top lip. You can also wear your usual lipstick and just line out your lips with a black lip liner. Use your liquid liner to draw a line connecting the nose and your lip, and then flair out the lines on your lip as well. Add in your whiskers using a black pencil. Top it off with cat ears and a black outfit and you're good to go. Cat eye lenses are optional if you really want to go full-on cat.

How to remove the costume makeup

Getting rid of your makeup at the end of the night can be a really tough one. Most of the time paint or makeup will still stain your skin. If you put water-based makeup on, you can easily remove it with warm water. If you're wearing prosthetics that are mostly applied with adhesive, use adhesive remover (they usually go with the adhesive). Soap, shampoo, and water should be your first option (never use baby oil first because it is only best used for residue). You can have with you some facial wipes, cotton balls, foaming cleanser, gauze pads, q-tips or cold creams for better removing. After removing your makeup, make sure you moisturize your skin to avoid irritation.


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