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Why Choose Crave Lashes

You Save Time and Money

Spend less time each day putting our false lashes on because our pre-curved bands have the perfect amount of flexibility (not too stiff and not too flexible) making them easy to apply.  In addition, with the proper care, you can easily get 15 to 20 uses out of our handmade lashes which saves you money when compared to all other lashes that don't last as long.

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Our lashes are:

Comfortable Natural




Easy to Apply


Premium materials


Not Plastic Looking


Do you feel like you can't wear or apply lashes with thicker bands?

Our Lengthening + Voluzing lashes have thicker bands but are still very easy to apply because the bands are pre-curved and are flexible, not stiff.  Throw out any pre-conceived notion of thick bands when trying ours. 

Why our lashes are better than drug store brands

I know the drug store lashes are appealing because they are priced lower, but here are the top 3 reasons not to:

  1. You will spend a lot more time trying to put them on.  The bands are not flexible and therefore are difficult to put on and keep in place.  The lashes will lift on you.
  2. Our lashes will save you money.  You can reuse our lashes up to 15 times whereas the drug store lashes typically fall apart after a few uses.
  3. Drug store lashes don't look as real as ours.  Many drug store lashes use a plastic looking fiber whereas our lashes use real human hair or a premium synthetic hair that is soft and fluffy.

Customer Reviews

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Miranda Lynn, a Boston beauty blogger, gives us a lot of love in her review of Crave Lashes.

... better than Huda Beauty lashes!


The quality of the fibers them selves are out of this world!

Ariana, an aspiring Cosmetics and Fragrance marketer, had a lot to say about our lashes.  Read the full Crave Lashes Review by Ariana.

...they are really beautiful and amazing quality

Lilly Pierce from Finland, raves about the quality and value.  Read the full Crave Lashes Review by Lilly.

... lasts WAY over the usual 10 times

Fakhia Arif is currently pursuing her career in business and feels Crave Lashes is both affordable and glam. The full Crave Lashes Review by Fakhia.

... lashes are super super light weight to begin with, you wouldn’t know if you’re actually wearing falsies.


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